Construction for Bayswater

Single Townhouse



Build Time

11 months

Year Completed






Project Summary

Introducing an immaculate two-level detached residence that introduces a fresh paradigm of living. This home radiates contemporary grace, distinguished by its deliberate architecture and state-of-the-art amenities.

Upon entry, a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere envelops you. The interior resonates with a seamless integration of style and utility. The ground floor is adorned with pristine white cabinetry that harmonizes exquisitely with the overall design. Accents of chrome on door hardware and tapware contribute a touch of refined elegance, elevating the modern ambiance.

Tiled elegantly, the living and wet areas seamlessly combine sleekness with practicality. Conversely, the remaining spaces showcase tasteful flooring that creates a fluid transition throughout the dwelling.

This detached abode serves as an embodiment of contemporary living, where each element has been meticulously chosen to forge an environment that is visually captivating yet tailored for everyday ease. Across its dual levels of modern refinement, this residence sets a new benchmark for living that expertly unites style with functionality.

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