Construction for Blackburn South




Build Time

10 months

Year Completed





Blackburn South

Project Summary

Presenting an exquisite new-built townhouse project that showcases a distinct front and rear arrangement, setting it apart from the rest. This remarkable development harmoniously combines contemporary sophistication with timeless allure, as evident in its exceptional attributes.

Upon entering, the ground floor interior immediately captivates with its impeccable Matt finish terrazzo tiles, a contemporary and stylish selection that impeccably complements the overarching design. The kitchen stands as a true masterpiece, boasting Hampton blue color cabinetry that emanates sophistication and serenity. This soft, soothing hue forms a delightful contrast with the Terrazzo tiles, resulting in a cohesive and welcoming atmosphere. Vintage-style handles on the cabinets infuse a hint of nostalgia, bestowing the kitchen with classic charm, evoking feelings of comfort and warmth. Thoughtfully integrated space for the entrance wardrobe ensures functionality without sacrificing style. The inclusion of high-end black tapware adds a dash of opulence and refinement to both the bathrooms and the kitchen.

This elegant choice significantly enhances the overall visual appeal, raising the townhouse to a realm of polished grace and flair. A fusion of contemporary elements and timeless charisma make this masterpiece an alluring choice for those in pursuit of the finest in modern living.

A meticulously completed project that we take great pride in delivering.

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