Dual Occupancy



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Doncaster East

Project Summary

A truly distinctive duplex residence, meticulously fashioned to bring to life the vivid vision of our esteemed guest, who graced us with a treasure trove of ideas, complete with photographs and hand-drawn sketches. The interplay between the timeless shades of black and white converges flawlessly, resulting in an architectural marvel that emanates an aura of contemporary refinement and enduring grace.

The kitchen proudly showcases a suite of premier Bosch appliances, a line up that includes a discreetly integrated dishwasher, seamlessly merging form and function for an immaculate presentation. The cabinetry itself weaves together the textures of woodgrain and the solidity of vivid colours, culminating in a refined and harmonious ambiance that artfully marries modern allure with the innate appeal of nature.

The fruition of our efforts has yielded a project that stands as the epitome of perfection. Every aspect has been handled with meticulous precision, uniting elements of modern grace, deliberate functionality, and thoughtful execution to yield a living space that is as inviting as it is sophisticated.

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