Construction for Glen Waverley

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Build Time

12 months




Glen Waverley

Project Summary

This exceptional standalone dwelling embodies the timeless allure of classic French aesthetics. Through its graceful architectural elements and meticulous design focus, it whisks you away to a realm where romance and historical allure merge seamlessly.

This residence is enriched with contemporary comforts, meticulously crafting an atmosphere that elegantly melds heritage with modern luxury. Its exterior emanates the distinctive elegance of French design, adorned with stone walls and intricate accents that unite to form an enchanting tableau.

Upon entering the dwelling, you’re warmly embraced by an interior that exudes a romantic ambiance. The harmonious blend of classical elements and modern luxury decor yields a space that stands as truly one-of-a-kind. Every facet within the residence has been thoughtfully curated, from intricately carved fireplaces to opulent chandeliers, each contributing to the richly inspired atmosphere.

The expansive living room beckons for gatherings with loved ones. The kitchen strikes a harmonious equilibrium between elegance and practicality, seamlessly integrating traditional tile flooring with modern appliances to forge an inviting culinary space.

The bedroom area emanates a tranquil and comfortable ambiance, while the children’s room brims with joyful playfulness. The bathrooms, adorned with exquisite tiles and elegant bathtubs, showcase refined design that extends an invitation to a sense of homely indulgence.

Beyond its role as a residence, this villa encapsulates an exquisite lifestyle that seamlessly interweaves the past and the present. Its charm lies not only in its design but also in the manner it deftly harmonizes history and contemporary living. Embark on a journey to explore a sanctuary where every detail articulates meticulous craftsmanship and refined living.

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