Construction for Hawthorn East – Extension Renovation

Extension & Renovation



Build Time

11 months




Hawthorn East

Project Summary

In the paradigm of structured provision, we unveil an epitome of unparalleled luxury – an extraordinary renovation venture nestled within a district steeped in cultural and historical significance. This endeavor, which metamorphoses an old-school dwelling into an opus of ultra-modern minimalism, stands as a testament to unwavering quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Residing within this time-honored neighborhood, the project reimagines architectural elegance by artfully melding old-world charm with cutting-edge design. The accentuation of quality remains paramount, and the level of achievement attained is nothing less than exceptional.

Upon crossing the threshold, the living area, kitchen, and dining space are cocooned by three walls adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows. The focal point of the living room, a fireplace ensconced within a cement feature wall, is accompanied by an elongated stone surface mirroring the kitchen’s benchtop, establishing an unbroken flow of design. The kitchen undergoes a captivating transformation, integrating concealed refrigeration and a built-in wine cabinet. The overhead range hood gracefully descends from the ceiling to create a cylindrical centerpiece above the island bench, impeccably integrating form and function. Upstairs, a retreat adorned with an entire bookshelf wall and a floating TV console is elegantly designed with a stone surface that resonates with the downstairs elements. Boasting 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, each space embodies the essence of minimalistic opulence. Thoughtfully designed rooms embody sophistication and comfort, harmonizing contemporary aesthetics with luxurious functionality.

Stepping outside, the BBQ area extends the indoor ethos, showcasing wood-grain cabinets that echo the interior’s design language.

This endeavor transcends the confines of extravagance, crafting an architectural magnum opus that seamlessly amalgamates heritage and innovation. From the harmonious integration of modern lines with historical context to the meticulous design of each space, every aspect of this renovation radiates unparalleled luxury.

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