Construction for Preston – Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy



Build Time

11 months





Project Summary

In an architecture of structured design, this duplex seamlessly merges industrial retro aesthetics, a juxtaposition of contrasting colors, a discerning choice of materials, and a seamless unification of indoor and outdoor spaces, culminating in an exquisite and inviting abode. The distinctive attributes of this duplex encompass a fusion of fresh and aged red bricks on the ground level, paired with white bricks to accentuate specific design components.

The upper floor proudly exhibits rich brown timber screens that amplify the industrial retro ambiance, while the distinctive white pointed roof bestows character and pays homage to industrial heritage. The external colour scheme artfully balances opposing hues through vertical and horizontal alignments, generating an enthralling visual cadence. Within, wood-grain finishes on cabinetry seamlessly bind the interior and exterior design themes, ensuring a unified ambiance. The design nurtures an organic transition between indoor and outdoor realms, reflecting an impression of openness and interconnection. The marriage of warm wood tones, industrial textures, and refined white elements results in an elegant amalgamation that imbues the interior with a fusion of sophistication and comfort.

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